Online seminar ‘IABSE Papers NL@B’

Online seminar ‘IABSE Papers NL@B’

IABSE stands for International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering and is the international professional and scientific association active in the field of structural engineering. IABSE offers a platform for structural engineers to exchange information and to learn from each other at the international level.

IABSE covers all aspects of structural engineering in all materials. The structures comprise besides bridges also buildings and all kinds of civil engineering structures. For more information see

The Dutch and Belgian National Groups of IABSE are sister associations of the main IABSE organization which is based in Zurich, Switzerland. The Belgian and Dutch National Groups of IABSE organize in 2021 the annual IABSE Congress in September 2021 in Ghent.

When and where?
Tuesday 19 January 2021 – Online (Zoom)

Target group
Structural Engineers and Architects
This seminar counts for 2 KE/PE points for registered structural designers and registered structural engineers in the Netherlands. Architects can book their participation hours as so-called WAT hours.

Background and content
The Dutch and Belgian National Groups of IABSE organize this seminar together. Twice a year, in the spring and in September (main Congress), IABSE organizes international symposia on a structural engineering theme in different parts of the world, which attracts more than 500 structural engineers worldwide.

This seminar consists of a selection of the Dutch and Belgian contributions to the 20th Congress of IABSE on site at New York City, 2019 with the theme The Evolving Metropolis. The seminar consists of presentations as on the following topics: fatigue assessment, orthotropic deck, hydraulic structures, accidents and calamities, durability existing structures, composite, GFRP, roof, structural behaviour, safety, failure, digital technology, parametric design, BIM.

Program 19th of January
Co-chaired by Ane de Boer (IABSE-NL) and Bart De Pauw (IABSE-B)

15.30 - Walk-in

15.40 - Opening by Alain Dumortier (chair IABSE-B) and Bert Hesselink (chair IABSE-NL)

15.45 - Fatigue assessment of an existing orthotropic steel deck to comply with future traffic intensity Wim Nagy, Glenn Thierens, Hendrik Blontrock, Hans De Backer, Philippe Van Bogaert, Kristel Reynaert, Johan Maljaars, SBE NV, Ghent University, Expertise Beton en Staal (EBS) and TU/e Eindhoven, Belgium and the Netherlands

16.05 - Handling accidents and calamities in hydraulic structures Ryszard Daniel, Timothy Paulus, Radar Structural and US Army, The Netherlands

16.25 - Assessing the durability and residual carrying capacity of a prestressed concrete footbridge built in Brussels in 1944 Bernard Espion, Michel Provost, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

16.45 - Break

17.00 - The structural behaviour of tiled laminate GFRP composites, a class of robust materials for civil applications Wouter de Corte, Jordi Uyttersprot, Wim van Paepegem, Ghent university, Belgium

17.20 - Rainwater ponding on roof structures with interaction between main girders and purlins Bert Snijder, Simon Wijte, Belgium TU/e Eindhoven, The Netherlands

17.40 - Design and production automation for the A16 tunnel in Rotterdam Kelvin Roovers, Xavier Baucroix, Kenneth Wyns, Arco Meerkerk, Jan van Steirteghem, Besix and Dura Vermeer, Belgium and The Netherlands

18.00 - Concluding remarks by Bart de Pauw

18.10 - End

Registration and costs involved:
€ 50,- for members of IABSE and members YouCon;
€ free,- for students (student registration number obligatory);
€ 100,- for non-members. Participation costs (free of VAT (art. 44W.BTW)

You will get inspiring knowledge for this as well as an increased network of contacts.

This seminar counts for 2 KE/PE points for registered structural designers and registered structural engineers in the Netherlands.

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